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Tip 1: Wait a second, just backup!

Once upon a time there was a very talented individual on the verge of success. He, like many of us, created musical works of art on a computer workstation, a.k.a. a DAW. He had countless gigs of information, and an inconceivable amount of man-hours, (his and others) tied to these works. Not to mention individuals looking to hand him money for said works. Notice I said "had" do you see where this is going? One day he walks into his recording studio and turns on his computer only to hear his external hard drive making some ugly clicking noise "click click bzzzzzz, click click buzzzzz." Did I mention he had countless gigs of information, and an inconceivable amount of man-hours tied to these works? "Do you have a backup?" To which he replies "Ah...no" A second friend said, "Have no fear, I can get it back!" but to no avail. The hard drive rescue company said "We are the best in all the land!" then "Alas we have tried, yes thou art screwed, but we will take payment for service rendered."Unfortunately this is a very true tale, one that is way to common. So "Back It Up". External FireWire and USB hard drives come in many shapes and sizes, and have come way down in price. The information doesn't have to be a musical work of art. It can be family pictures or important emails, that you realize are priceless, when they no longer exist. So if you haven't done so lately, set up a firewire or USB drive to backup overnight, its simple, inexpensive, and smart. Unfortunately it takes a tale like this to get us thinking about data safety. My tale has been told, so now I go forth and..hey...what's that clicking noise?