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A friend of mine, a very accomplished photographer and a former professional singer/songwriter, recently said to me "With the advent of Protools, I'm surprised studios even exist anymore." I thought about his statement and replied; "That's like me saying, with the advent of cell phone cameras, who needs a photographer anymore?" You see, tools are just that, tools. They never did, and never will, make up for skill or experience. The proliferation of inexpensive digital tools has certainly produced a proliferation of material, but that doesn't mean it's ready for the marketplace. There aren't many serious and viable albums available today that haven't spent at least some time in the hands of pros in a pro room. Whether attempting an amazing drum or vocal sound, conquering a demanding mix, or mastering your tracks, it still takes pro ears, equipment and a balanced acoustic environment to end up with a first-rate product. That being said, there's a lot that can be done to flesh out tunes in the comfort of your bedroom/basement/garage/brother-in-law's set up. You can experiment with ideas and find out what works and do it without the studio clock ticking. Most engineers I know will actually appreciate not having to feign interest during that process. You can do all of the hard work that used to be ascribed to the "demo sessions" on your own schedule and nickel. Most importantly, if you get to the point where you're ready to take your music to the next level, you'll be able to focus on the subtle nuances of your tunes instead of worrying if you are going to wake the baby upstairs or have to remove the barking dog from your best vocal take. While you're at it, take some shots of the band with your cell phone so you can show the pro photographer, shooting your cover, the look you're after.