Videos, Errands, and Writing.

I am actually going to move my blog ahead to the beginning of week three (I am finally getting the hang of writing it) but I should give a quick update on last week.
I got to run my first errand as an intern, which was pretty fun. I also got to meet a couple of clients, and I brushed up on softwares like Photoshop, and Premiere. I got an opportunity to do some photo and video editing for our social media sites, and I got to do some editing on the Sound of the Week video, so make sure you check that out.
Towards the end of the week we got a job from the New Haven chapter of the Gear Up program. The program had a class, with Bill, that taught music production, and they wanted a short video of all of the pictures from the class, that included the songs that the students worked on.
This week started with me actually editing the video. I needed to make sure the pictures worked with the tone of each song, make sure that the movement of the photos matched the music. I also got to try my hand with some photoshop to make effects and title cards for the video. So for two days, most of my time was spent editing that video. This was really exciting for me because it was the first tangible piece of work that I worked on for a client.

Once the video was finished, I got back to my regular work, which means, researching clients, working on the social media pages, and doing a lot of writing. We are actually starting an account on Medium (the professional buzzfeed), so I have been writing drafts of anything that I think could be relevant to our audience. Of course I also get to listen to all of the music that is coming from different rooms in the studio at any given time. And, learning how to use Pro-tools by watching Kyle and asking questions also keeps me relatively busy.
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