Voiceovers, Online Marketing, and New Video Content

This past week has been filled with sessions, and meeting new clients. I got to take part in a couple of voiceover sessions. We had a few people come in for Mascola Group. I got to sit in on their voiceover session, and take part in a discussion about how our social media presence affects our business. It was extremely interesting.

I also got to sit in on on 2 sessions for Such A Voice, a company that coaches voice actors, and helps them put together, and produce demo reels.

I also got to sit in on a session for an NPR interview. David Daley came in to talk about his new book (which you should check out if you are interested in politics). It was really cool getting to hear the interview, and take part in recording.

Meeting new clients is always really fun for me, because I enjoy networking, and talking to new people. And everyone who walks through our front door is somebody interesting, and talented.

Outside of our sessions, Kyle and I are still working on new ways to create video content, so we have been filming everything. We are hoping to make a vlog, or an even better version of our Sound Of The Week videos.

William AhearnComment