Podcasting A Plenty

It seems like you hear the term “Podcasting” quite often these days. Have a niche interest? No matter what you are into, you can find a podcast that suits you! Tapeworks has been producing podcasts since podcasts became podcasts…Hmmm, I bet there is a podcast on that! We have partnered up with multiple organizations to produce content-rich, compelling radio stories, that are unique, and stand out from the masses. So what is a podcast? Wikipedia says this: A podcast is an episodic series of digital audio or video files which a user can download in order to listen to. It is often available for subscription, so that new episodes are automatically downloaded via web syndication to the user's own local computer, mobile application, or portable media player. Ok, everyone has their favorites! Here are some of ours:

Bill’s selects: Hack The Chat, Radio Lab, Star Talk, Limetown, Stuff You Should Know, oh I could go on and on.

Kyle’s selects: Hack The Chat, The Ground Up Show, Impact Theory, The Gary Vee Audio Experience